Chan Phouthavong 

Chief Executive Officer

Chan Phouthavong is SolluCIO Partners Chief Executive Officer. Chan has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and is a visionary in creating strategic business partnerships and cultivating long term relationships. Chan focuses on the SolluCIO innovation brand and building new product and business lines to ensure SolluCIO is a company that continues to evolve and adapt to the rapid changing technology world.

Jai Mclane

Chief Data Officer

Jai Mclane is SolluCIO Partners Chief Data Officer and VP of Product Development. Jai has served over 25 years working in healthcare organizations and oversee all of SolluCIO Partners Business Intelligence division and Product innovation. Jai is truly the heart and soul of our team and leader in delivering successful projects to our clients and providing creative solutions in building products that improve life and communities for the betterment of society.

Mali Philliber

Director of Business Development

Meet Mali Philliber, the Director of Business Development for SolluCIO Partners. She is responsible for building relationships with our clients and sparking creativity by growing new business and product lines for SolluCIO Partners. Mali has over 20 years in executive management working in the financial sector and specializing in helping small, mid to large enterprise companies grow in revenue and through M & A. She fosters building relationships with our clients and helps SolluCIO Partners integrate with business partners through collaboration and thought leadership

Luis Coloma

Chief Operating Officer

Luis Coloma is SolluCIO Partners Chief Operating Officer and resourceful leader with more than 20 years of experience overseeing the architecture, design, and development of large-scale distributed systems and emerging technologies.  His role at SolluCIO Partners as the COO is focused on aligning people, process, technology and making the vision of our organization come to life. Luis works closely with our executive team to review new business lines, product ideas and aligns those with our core values and mission statement. 

Michael Myers

Executive Director

Michael Myers has over 20 years experience in the IT industry working in a variety of industries providing solutions in Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Cloud Architecture. Michael supports our team and customers in IT services and Production innovation. He has the unique ability to look at problems from a different perspective and has been instrumental in providing support to our customers and SolluCIO’s leadership team. Also we want to be very clear…Michael has no relations to Michael Myers from the Halloween movie. He only kills you with his kindness and charisma.

Robyn Beckman

Director of Business Applications

Robyn Beckman, Director of Business Applications is instrumental in helping us with improving our business process and application workflows and configuration of our CRM system. She also has been providing Project Management support, configuration and testing for our AlertaHealth system. 

Her background is in Applications and the software development lifecycle – where she started with application and help desk support at a small software company and branched out to healthcare information technology – as an Applications Analyst, Project Lead, Trainer, Business/ Systems Analyst and Implementation lead on several Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

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