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Hosted by Michael Myers

Bradd Busick

In this episode we have an inspiring conversation with Bradd Busick, CIO of MultiCare Health Systems and recent recipient of the Seattle Orbie CIO of the year award in healthcare. ...Bradd shares his firsthand experience on topics ranging from the adaption of patient facing robots, to the potential of drone delivery and possible remedies in solving the ever-growing problem of clinical staffing shortages. #CIO #healthcare

0:15 to 1.40 Bradd Busick introduction, background and experience.
1:41 to 2:54 CIO of the Year
2:55 to 5:09 Attracting talent in HealthCare and Retention leveraging technology.
5:10 to 6:29 Telehealth and Access to patient care
6:30 to 8:13 The experience as a Tedd Talk speaker.
8:14 to 9:43 IT leadership in HealthCare (African Proverb)
9:45 to 10:51 Moxie the Robot at MultiCare
10:52 to 15:37 Drone prescription delivery in Healthcare
15:38 to 17:03 (Generative AI for hospital admission and readmissions)
17:04 to 18:11 (Hypothetical if you were POTUS, what would you do to improve the United States HealthCare systems?)
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WE-LIT (Women Executive Leaders In Technology)

To uplift and inspire…

WE-LIT (Women Executive Leaders In Technology) Dr. Julie Pham - CEO of Curiosity Based

In this empowering episode of WE-LIT, we're honored to host Julie Pham, PhD, CEO/Founder of Curiosity Based and Best-Selling Author. Join us as Dr. Pham passionately shares her insights on ...advocating for diversity in technology and leadership. As a dynamic thought leader, she provides a compelling perspective on the critical importance of inclusivity, emphasizing the value of illuminating the experiences of professionals from all backgrounds. Through her expertise, Dr. Pham sheds light on the transformative power of diverse voices in shaping innovative solutions and driving meaningful change. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that explores the profound impact of embracing diversity in the tech and leadership spheres. #womeninleadership #womenintechnology #womensupportingwomen #solluciopartners #WE-LIT #techcommunity #womenentrepreneurs #informationtechnology #podcast Julie Pham, PhD[+] Show More